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Rumbling Hearts
Rumbling Hearts
"Raven," Her newly obtained communicator viberated with Cyborg's sauve voice. "Please come down to the conference room..." He paused for a moment before continuing. "...You do remember where it is, right?" The girl in question took her sweet time to answer with a small, yeah. "Good." The newly reincarnated Titan haven't left her room ever since she first arrived over a week ago. Sure she'd apparate to where ever they needed help, but as soon everything was said and done she quickly left to her dungeon like room. With a heavy sigh she pulled on her hood, and strolled down the hallways.
Raven passed the Rec Room and saw the other Titans playing games or lounging about. She wondered why she was the only one being called. A grimace appeared on her face. Victor was probably going to scoul her about not being a good teammate to the new Titans, or that he thinks it'd be best if she left, because Brother Blood might come back, and he didn't want to put the
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True Love
These mixed emotions that I can't deny
Corrupting my mind into submission
Hoping these things won't hurt my pride
I take them and write them off
These feelings that I can't deny
I can't let them become reality
Freting he will deny my love
I run away from true love
As fast as I can
I can't hide from these emotions
Consuming my every thought,
I try to write them off
This feeling
That I can't deny
Won't give me peace
To know
How do I admit that I'm in love
:iconuchiha-hinata:uchiha-hinata 1 1
25 Horrible Days Ch. Two
Chapter 2: December 2nd
Mumbles and grumbles filled Gaara's office. Frustrated council men paced about in a frenzy, while once and awhile 'We should give the Uchiha what he wants' was brought up. The atmospher was growing tenser by the second as Gaara's patience were lessening. With a irated sigh, he finally got up and said, "You guys aren't any help," He spoke in his usual tone, dry and emotionless. "...Just leave and I'll call you when I actually need you..." The Council men grumbled as they filed out of the office using the secret door; behind the Kaze's statues. As the last Council member was leaving he gave a sharp death glare at Gaara and stated, "You should just surrender, there's no need to go to war over a triangle. There's more in the vast sea..." He waited to see Gaara's response, but he was wasting his time, because Gaara was in his own world. "..." The man took the hint, and left.
Temari entered the room with her arms folded across her chest, while holding a cordle
:iconuchiha-hinata:uchiha-hinata 2 1

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United States
I am McLovin!~

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Hey guys. I wish this could be a happy post and I blabber about how well I'm feeling, but it's not. The reason why I'm upset is so~ silly. I recently got into this new manga called, "Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World" in english it's "Alice in the Country of Hearts". So I found out that the manga was actually adapted from a otome game. So we all know that it's rare for an Otome game to get translated, and I even went so far to look and see if anyone subbed it or something. *sighs* I failed harder than Ashley Simpson performing on SNL. I couldn't find anything! So I was wondering if I should just import the game from japan, but the only reason I kinda don't want to is because, how would I know what they're saying? Unless there's a program from the psp that can translate things for you. OMG I would be on cloud 9 if the psp truly had a program like that.


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